How it all Began

It’s one of the common questions artists get asked when discovering their talent. And coincidence is often mentioned. True stories are rare.

However, the story of Marvin Lange is true.

It happened on an average day in Veldhausen, Lower Saxony.

Little Marvin, just five years old, was standing in the kitchen staring at the rose his mother had placed in a vase on the dining table for decoration.

She noticed Marvin being unusually quiet while she was storing away groceries she put on the table. He always immediately talked about kindergarten, but today he was silent.
She turned to him and saw him staring at the rose and shaking his head over and over.

When she asked what was going on, he gave her no answer. He walked over to the old bureau that provided the modern kitchen a little historical touch and took out the notepaper and a pencil from the middle drawer. Then he walked purposefully back to the kitchen table, sat down on a chair, placed the notepaper in front of him, and stared at the vase again. Of course, his mother had noticed that her son liked to paint, but she couldn’t recognize any painted objects when looking at them. A visit to the ophthalmologist with her son did not reveal any visual impairment. On the contrary, according to the ophthalmologist, his eyesight is excellent. No reason to worry.

Marvin was still staring spellbound at the rose. Then he tentatively began to paint them. His mother noticed that Marvin was getting angry. The first sheet was quickly crumpled up and carelessly thrown on the floor. It was the same with the following bows. But then he stopped, looked at the ceiling, narrowed his eyes, opened them again, and suddenly, he seemed calm. His mother pretended not to be watching him. Of course, she didn’t miss anything.

Marvin put the pen back on and suddenly changed his position from hunching over the bow to almost standing upright.
Even the first lines revealed something. Something special. Something different, and then Marvin dropped the pen on the tabletop after a while. He had drawn the rose in such a way his mother immediately realized that her son had a scarce talent. He painted in a style that seemed familiar to her as if she had seen something similar. From then on, drawing pads and crayons were on his mother’s weekly shopping list.

Today, Marvin Lange has consolidated his style. He can immortalize his view of things in such a fascinating way on canvas that the circle of his sponsors is growing worldwide. Since December 2022, three more Langes have been displayed in an Art Collector’s house in Naples, Florida. At the end of 2021, a first long went across the pond to the US soul musician Redray Frazier, who became aware of Marvin on a well-known social platform.

The van Gogh Gallery in Madrid also responded enthusiastically to Marvin Lange’s artworks.

Marvin Lange is a German painter on his own path, especially in the USA.

His career has just started.

Meet some Early collectors

Hi, I am Tara, and I currently have seven paintings from Marvin. The “Aura” painting I recently received was inspired by the typical colors of Southwest Florida, with its pristine turquoise waters, blue skies, golden sunsets, colorful birds, and palms. The painting found its perfect spot in my house and can be seen from many angles in the living room.

Just a few weeks ago, I received a set of two summer-inspired paintings, “Summer Breeze” and “Golden Summer.” The golden backgrounds perfectly match the Aura’s golden strokes.

My family, friends, and business partners are as enthused by Marvin’s paintings as I am, and I can’t wait to meet him again, either here in the US or in Germany. I am very fortunate to be one of his early collectors and promoters.

Marvin Lange: „The US singer Redray Frazier was very grateful for the painting I made for him. My artwork is now hanging in Redray’s new music studio in Portland, OR, next to a Keith Haring!
My painting inspires him a lot. That makes me proud.“